Oi, meu nome é Berg.

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Eu também sou colaborador do Art For Adults Just Art.

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The Lion

by Marie Chapuis

String and Steel Installation, 2014

by Jessica Melling Website: jessicamelling.co.uk

Charming She by Vitalik Dumyn

"sphere 3-7"

this piece is from a series of images i made a couple of years back. they were created digitally by combining layers of vector line art, scanned textures and painted surfaces. always get a great response from them.

this piece isn’t available just yet but you can pick up two others in the series from Pi Creative Art, they sell them in sizes ranging from 18”x18” all the way to 41”x41” on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic (the metal and acrylic are amazing to see, adds a new dimension to the pieces)

if you’re interested here are the links to the two available pieces > http://goo.gl/ovuFfL  and  http://goo.gl/G3SEMA


#daftpunk #music #illustration
daft punk portrait by Andrei Nicolescu





this is an image i completed a few day ago and it’s based on a photo i took years ago. i always loved the photo and thought this treatment would suit it nicely…really happy with the way it turned out.

if you’re interested in picking up a print here’s the link > http://goo.gl/GlXAl8

  1. #illustration #nude # female # sketchStudies in red

    Andrei Nicolescu graphite on moleskine 2013